Past Projects/Activities

i. Design and construction of AC SW, FM radio and public address system (Non-rechargeable).
ii. Design and construction of moisture content and noise level meter.
iii. Design and construction of temperature meter.
iv. Design and Construction of EM field generator for plant and animal response research.
v. Design and Construction of Mains AC to 12V DC 3kW battery charger.
vi. Exhibition of the designed and Constructed Items at the 2011/2012 Graduation Ceremony Exhibition Stand.

Innovation Proposed at the Centre

1. Design and Construction of Electronic Instrument, building alternative sources of energy from wind, solar and biofuels and construction of Machines useful in Laboratories e.g electrical oven, furnace, voltmeter, ammeter etc, Construction of Facilities for large classes and outside environment e.g public address, lighting systems, Solar devices e.g solar-battery powered traffic light with automatic light sensitive switch etc.

2. Environmental impact Assessment prior to the establishment of industries, construction of buildings, refuse dumpsites, filling stations, roads, dams etc.

3. Environmental survey for location of Agricultural habitats, water boreholes facilities, Agricultural machines like green houses, silos, crop dryers etc.

4. Emerging modern areas of application of scientific and engineering research on the environment.

5. Regular End of Semester  Government Staff Training and Seminars on:

  • Applied Instrumentation and Projects development on Security, Energy Conversion, and Space Research Applications.
  • Web and Software development
  • Renewable Energy Utilization
  • Development and Application of Biotechnical and Biophysical Instrumentation.
  • Pollution sources, controls and safety in the environment.

6. Establishment of Training and Seminar Events for Public on:

  • Environmental Protection, Diseases Spread and Safety
  • Storage of Food and Agricultural Products
  • Uses of Plant for Nutritional Supplement, Purification of Water, Preventive and Curative Medicine.

7. Research and development of seedling in plant nurseries for cash crops (e.g. cocoa, kolanut, palm tree, citrus etc), medicinal plants (e.g Moringa species, lime, ginger, etc), edible fruits (plantain and banana species, coconut, apples, bombaynut etc), culinary plants (e.g. African Nutmeg, Epiphyte tomatoes) and raw materials (Rubber, Melina, Teak etc). Plant importation, seedling development, Crop exportation, Improved Mushroom, Fisheries, Bee keeping and honey production, Animal breeding, Animals (Snails, Grass Cutters and Cattle) Production and Distribution which are further aspects of research in the environment.

8. Continuing Research interactions with relevant University staff.

9. Expansion of the Centre’s training in Space Physics, Energy Conversion Instrumentation, Space and Terrestrial Communications, Applied Meteorology, Applied Ecology and Environmental Protection.